Author Kam Majd inspires and thrills with “High Wire,” a fast-paced aviation novel featuring a heroine that critics are calling “Erin Brockovich meets Jack Ryan”

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Combining the high-stakes action of a blockbuster thriller with the dynamic relatability of a fascinating protagonist, Kam Majd’s “High Wire” continues to receive critical praise from the media and the readers.

The novel follows pilot and single mother Captain Kate Gallagher, who faces vicious backlash and scrutiny, in the wake of a plane crash in which six people die. Blamed by the public and media, fighting to protect her daughter and clear her name, no one believes that the flight controls refused to follow her commands. Alone, desperate to find the cause, Kate delves into the worlds of technology and corporate greed, until she learns the true cause of her crash—a computer virus designed to kill, and one that has already zeroed in on another plane. With minutes to go, Kate becomes the only hope of saving the 262 passengers over the Atlantic. And the price of saving all those lives, just one… hers.

Setting out to write a high-tech thriller with a human touch, Majd uses his 44 years of experience as an airline pilot to provide a detailed, accurate portrayal of aviation systems that shows readers the complexity of modern air travel, as well as the realities of being in the cockpit when something goes wrong.

Beyond the technical details, the author’s life as a pilot is also reflected in the relationships of the crew, the emotional turmoil of in-flight catastrophe, and the struggles of feeling like an outsider.

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The thrilling story of conspiracy, technology, and terror is grounded by Captain Gallagher’s “everywoman” relatability. Kate’s life as a single mother, first-generation immigrant, and self-reliant professional further pull from the author’s life experiences, and her dedication to doing the right thing makes her an inspiration from cover to cover.

An Edgar® Award finalist, “High Wire” has been described as “A compelling thriller that unlocks the cockpit door to a world few authors have explored in depth…” by Publishers Weekly, and a New York Post review calls it “Plane riveting…will likely translate well to the big screen.”

With a readership expanding into high schools and growing popularity among men and women alike, Majd’s writing appeals to a broad audience. He deftly weaves heart and depth into the action-packed story, providing an emotional thread often missing from the thriller genre.

The novel is a wonderful display of action elevated by careful attention to character and reflects Majd’s keen eye for the details of not only planes and aviation, but for the nuances of bravery, family, and humanity as well.

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