Australia’s Hottest Upcoming Rich List For 2023

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There are dozens of young entrepreneurs under 40 who are making waves across Australia. Their personal journeys to success are each unique and awe-inspiring, many coming from humble beginnings. Now living in the glamorous lap of luxury with multiple millions in net worth  to show for their hard work; here are the top upcoming people to watch out for in Australia.

  1. Cameron Smith is an Australian professional golfer; winner of the 2022 Open Championship and winner of multiple championships on PGA tour, with a net worth of $37m. Smith is only 29 years old.
  1. James Keogh, otherwise professionally known as “Vance Joy”, is an Australian singer/songwriter, most known for his megahit song Riptide. Keogh has a net worth of $40m at 35 years old.
  1. Tammy Hembrow is an Instagram model and influencer, fitness model, and entrepreneur with a whopping net worth of $41m at just 28 years old.
  1. Matthew Dellavedova is an Australian professional basketball player. He currently plays for the Sacramento Kings and is a former NBA championship winner with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has a net worth of $44m at age 32.
  1. Jane Lu is the creator and CEO of Showpo, an online women’s retail store. She is a successful entrepreneur and the winner of dozens of retail awards. She has a net worth of $53m at age 36.
  1. Aaron Sansoni, otherwise known as “Mr. Empire”, has built or invested into over 100 companies and works as a business mentor in order to lead others to success. He is an Australian philanthropist and dedicated business mentor. He has a net worth of $65m at age 38.
  1. Natasha Oakley is an Instagram model, most widely known for her creation “A Bikini A Day” blog, then went on to create Monday Swimwear in 2014. She is worth $83m at age 32.
  1. Jordan Grives created Fonebox Group; a telecommunications service for businesses. He is also the CEO and founder of a venture capital firm; Capital J Investments and is worth an insane $90m.
  1. Emily Skye Anderson is a fitness model and influencer who owns her own fitness coaching company, Emily Skye Fit, which helps others have success with their fitness transformations. She has a net worth of $97m at age 38.
  1. Sergei Sergienko is the CEO and founder of Chrono Tech, an Australian blockchain company. He holds an incredible net worth of $100m at age 40.

Final Thoughts 

These entrepreneurs are so young, yet making an incredible impact upon their industries. Their hard work and dedication has impacted people across Australia and the rest of our globalized world.

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