Austin Cahoon on the Mindset of a Winner

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Experts who thrive in the world of business would all tend to all describe how important having a powerful drive to be successful and the mindset to take an idea of yours, and at any cost, make it a reality before the thought of combating the other trials and tribulations that follow starting a business crosses your mind. Veteran businessmen agree that an immense amount of sacrifice, fortitude, and passion are absolutely necessary for running your own business and not many represent this ideal better than Austin Cahoon.

For the first 13 years of his life, Austin Cahoon’s father was a manager for Eddie DeBartolo and the 49ers. Being die-hard football fans, his family all loved how sports had this intangible ability to bring people together over a shared passion. When Austin started his sports betting business, he discovered the challenge of making something of your ideas. People criticize and question anything new.

Austin soon realized that in starting a business, “Mindset is EVERYTHING! If you know in your mind that you will make it, you will always find a way no matter what obstacles you face. If your mindset isn’t right; 9.9 times out of 10 you won’t finish the business venture you started.”. Facing challenges head-on to overcome them requires stepping out of your comfort zone, and it’s a continual lesson in believing in yourself. But with time and consistency, it all comes to life.

Austin’s ideal mindset when it comes to the ability to focus skyrocket a business consistently consists of “Ignoring Any Doubt, Forget Sleep, partying, vacations & anything that gets in your way of staying focused on the end goal.  Risking it all is typically what it takes and there will be failures but if you choose to learn from and love your failures; your odds of succeeding will multiply.” Focusing your mind entirely on the goals ahead is by and large the most likely way an aspiring businessperson would be able to operate optimally with no reason to be truly fearful of the journey.

In a business sense, fear means you’re moving in the right direction. It means your pushing your mind to go outside of what is comfortable. Austin Cahoon shows that Fear can help you be able to dive deeper into an efficient mindset so your likelihood of success will dramatically increase. Even if you are afraid, it can help you dive deeper to achieve something special if you believe in yourself that you will make it.

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