Assuras Founder Tyler King: A Passionate Entrepreneur And A Firm Believer

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By default, every business has risks involved, but how you deal with them as an entrepreneur actually matters. Although it’s obvious to be afraid of failure, we shouldn’t let it stop us from trying. Tyler King, a business advisor and CEO, advises entrepreneurs should not be afraid of failing – because by failing you’ll discover even more ways to succeed.

Entrepreneur Tyler King believes in innovation, and he strives to fulfill his dreams. He has a long history of entrepreneurship and a wide range of professional and personal experiences that have changed the course of his business dealings.

At present, he is the chief executive of an international management consulting firm called Assuras.

It was clear to him even before he became an entrepreneur that he had the skills to provide advice on complex problems and that his company would thrive under his leadership. Over time, he brought on talented and capable individuals who were able to solve incredibly challenging problems facing global businesses. Besides this, he was known for his motivational speeches that have inspired countless people. Today, he provides assistance, talks to resolve important issues, and shows everyone how to navigate tough times.

Well, the things were never been uniform for Tyler. Nothing could have prepared him for what was going to come next and haunt him for the rest of his life. After becoming popular, he was confronted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, causing him the most unsettling experience of his life. His life took a sudden turn for the worse, something he had never even dreamed of, even in his most vivid nightmares.

A few months after the launch of his own company, Tyler was wrongly charged for teaching one of his friend’s computer skills, who hacked into the emails of her boss. Because he had no idea what was happening, he was surprised when the FBI investigated him. In spite of the fact that the FBI later discovered he wasn’t the actual hacker, they decided to pursue charges against him since it was he who taught her those skills.

He was absolutely shocked, but he stood firm and vowed to face any consequences that may arise. He was convicted of a digital crime he didn’t commit during his trial because she testified against him. According to him, the main culprit was declared innocent of assisting the government and served no prison time, whereas he was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison.

It wasn’t easy for him to advocate for himself. This culminated in his desire to reform constitutional rights.

As a result of his potential for success, Tyler made progress. His experience gave rise to the non-profit organization *A Voice from Prison*, which advocates for criminal justice reforms and constitutional rights. Through his experiences in prison, he realized the injustices occurring inside the walls and decided to help the less fortunate.

Currently, A Voice from Prison serves as a platform for people to organize, tell their stories, and to provide resources to those who are affected by a broken system. Throughout his life, he has fought to protect the rights of people who have been discriminated against.

No matter how accomplished he was or where he came from, he was still victimized. Now imagine the trauma endured by a common man who is victimized at the hands of power-hungry individuals; the man who has no representation whatsoever. Through A Voice from Prison, his main goal is to challenge the status quo, make the system better, and create a safe haven for those unable to cope with life’s challenges.

If you too want to connect with Tyler King, follow his major social media platforms or send him a message through any of my social media platforms or websites and it will reach him. As a professional mentor, he offers business guidance to entrepreneurs and leaders. Get yourself counted in Tyler’s changemaker league.

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