With the ubiquity of social media in humanity’s daily life these days, it’s more difficult than ever to know who to follow. As Instagram currently boasts more than one billion active users, the amount of accounts and content available to browse through is seemingly limitless to the average person, and many of the options are unfortunately quite shallow and surface level. But for social media guru Asher Asaf Uziel, online networks have only turned into a platform for him to help others achieve their goals as he uses it to share his words of wisdom with the world.

While many influencers give loop-around answers on how to ‘make it’ in both the digital realm and real life, Asher Asaf Uziel’s starter kit for success is quite simple; all you need is time and money.

“More specifically, time is money, and while money can’t buy happiness, it makes it a lot easier to do the things that make you happy,” advises the social media star.

While getting the funds to make your dreams come true might be easier said than done, Asher Asaf Uziel believes the key to reaching those lofty figures comes from being your own boss and regulating your own schedule. Though self-employment can be a daunting task, the results are oh-so-rewarding as long as the determination and devotion is there.

 “Think of this as an investment in yourself, and happiness being a return on investment,” says Asher Asaf Uziel.

Just look to Asher Asaf Uziel himself a living example of this very fact, having created an incredible life for himself thanks to his deft maneuvering on social media. He credits his accomplishments in part to remaining devoted to the way he has portrayed himself across his various accounts,

“One of the most important steps you can take is to take your personal brand seriously,” said the influencer.

As social media continues to grow more commonplace in the years ahead, taking Asher Asaf Uziel’s advice on how to make it big online now is sure to pay off in the long run.

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