Aryan Shukla – How This Young Entrepreneur Is Bringing Innovation To The PR Industry

Public relations and media relations have been playing a major role in the success of many new startups. In particular, since last year’s COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses around the world, moving towards providing their services over the Internet provides an even greater opportunity for companies to excel at PR outreach.

Aryan Shukla has earned a well known name in this business. After graduating from high school, he had already landed 5 years of experience in Public Relations and went on to create and move forward with MyStory Public Relations. He specializes in lead generation, crisis management, personal branding, PR outreach and sales & marketing strategies for business owners looking to grow their brand presence online.

Aryan is known for mind-blowing Outreach strategy bringing multiple successes to clients helping them to grow their brand successfully along with helping them create accomplishments by casting them on interviews, podcasts and a proper Branding makeover. In a recent interview, Aryan shared his future planning for his business.

Launching something Innovative

Aryan explains how selling just particular services can never bring the best outcomes for clients. Even many clients have no idea about this market and waste their hard-earned money on buying press releases online.

Aryan believes in providing guaranteed services to his clients, representing his promise to sell them only what they need that will make the best outcome of their money spent. Regardless of your business’s niche or where you hope it leads, doing a public relations outreach without proper direction leads to failure. Getting featured on CBS and NBC is not important but getting the right audience is; “If there isn’t something good about getting yourself noticed by Entrepreneur through PR we won’t push for it” as Aryan phrases it- so he focuses on flexible programs instead

Flexible & Customized Programs as per Individual Needs

Everyone is unique in themselves, so they need a proper branding which is only meant for them individually. We always need to make sure we are understanding the perspective and requirements of the clients said Aryan.

Aryan and his team at MyStory PR provide a money-back guarantee in all of their services. With dedicated teams, they have launched some essential programs for startups and thought leaders; he is focusing on giving clients an opportunity to design tailored marketing plans just for them. Aryan says that with this program, everything will be customized which ensures the best results possible so clients should not hesitate if thinking about working together because you won’t regret it!

The key factors – Innovation, Judgement, Relation

“You need to understand your clients well, and treat them as a part of your organization,” said Aryan. He wants his firm to be the best fit for each client so he plans on understanding their needs.

If his team is not sure that they will be able to deliver the client a 100% successful campaign, then they won’t take on the risk. Being honest with both clients and potential clients helps your reputation grow trustworthy and authentic: “As a brand, you need to judge yourself impartially as well,” says Aryan. This can help your business avoid peak falls without any consultancy work involved.”

Aryan stated, “As an Entrepreneur I have to never stop thinking and using something innovative in order to keep my business in the competition”. He also told how Public Relations has been a growing industry with many competitors from past few years. If you are not bringing change or innovation for your potential clients you won’t be here for long.”

To know more about Aryan you can connect with him on his Instagram @aryanshukla_06

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