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The famous saying is, ‘success doesn’t come to you easy; you need to get to it’. Even then, nothing comes easy as success happens with the baggage of fear, obstacles, discomfort, and lots and lots of hard work.

During his first semester at college, Arturo Knight made the critical yet calculated decision to drop out. This decision and his decision-making method have influenced his life’s path and turned him into the trailblazer he is today. Arturo Knight is not your average Joe. He is what one would describe as dedicated and passionate. Two traits often lead to greatness.

Arturo’s life has been a proof that one does not need to give in to the struggles of life. The underdog tale comes to life. After dropping out of college, Arturo began planning and preparing for the life that college would never give him. He immediately delved into several hustles, which is indicative of his future predilections towards entrepreneurship.

In 2012 he began dropshipping on Shopify. In the then massively underrated E-Commerce space, Arturo built a six-figure career from scratch before expanding his reach into other dropshipping platforms. Often described as a serial entrepreneur, one would assume Arturo’s life passion is entrepreneurship. In fact, it is actually music.

Arturo has been a lover of music since he was a child. Music has always spoken to him on a profound level, and he wanted to replicate that feeling in others. Despite being active in a successful band and his own musical career for over 15 years, Arturo has not permitted his musical success to interfere with his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Arturo achieved his dreams of becoming a six-figure career holder, the owner of several dropshipping businesses, and a touring musician at the tender age of twenty-five. This led him to develop a passion for sharing and passing the knowledge he had to gather himself. Arturo is interested in paving the way for younger entrepreneurs who are in the same place he was in when he dropped out of college.

These ideals have led him to join social media platforms like Youtube and TikTok, where he has gained over 5 million views in less than three months. He also recently premiered his new Youtube series, where he discusses his experience with entrepreneurship and music and why he chose to combine the two.

As an innovative mentor, entrepreneur, influencer, and musician who has had the opportunity to work with Grammy Award Winning Artist Roger Velasquez, and Billboard Magazine, Arturo has years of experience securely under his belt. He wants to share this knowledge without falling under the “guru” description because he believes that the guru mentality has done more harm than good.

Arturo Knight believes in working smarter, which is why he regularly discusses automation and how you can ensure your job can not be automated. When asked to advise other entrepreneurs who are not sure of their path and whether to retreat or keep pushing, Arturo encourages four succinct but powerful phrases. Find a Product, Create a Brand, Market Your Brand, and Be Patient.

To know more about Arturo Knight, follow his social media accounts below:

Website: https://arturoknight.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamarturoknight/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamarturoknight

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ArturoKnight?fbclid=IwAR2Cx4i2wdINq9ADFD0EwJMQrjCWci1jSvyz8m6nE8rQG-rXALAQVB4CD7A


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