So I forgot to mention in my last post that Steffie and I also popped into the ol' Short Stop last Sat for an end-of-the-eve nightcap (tip: Going to bars really late is the best because everyone is totally drunk and jolly plus you always get a rockstar parking space!)

Anyway, I had been to the S.S. on Thursday as well and took some photos in their old school b&w booth with my pal Michelle (who you may know as the hot bar-mistress from Jumbo's Clown Room on weekends). We waited and waited but never got our photos, and finally gave up. Apparently this happens a lot...

I happened to mention it to the manager on my return visit Sat and he proceeded to give Steffie and I a fat stack of unclaimed photo-strips to look through. Unfortunately mine wasnt in the stack but look at this cute holiday-appropriate one that was.

Felt bad that this sweetie-pie went thru all the trouble of making signs in the bar and didn't get her payoff, so we stuck this in the little plastic window on the photobooth for everyone to enjoy (bet it's still there!).

I know "VD" day can be tough if you're single (I think we've all felt what Caroline feels -see post below) and I'm very glad to have someone I love in my life, but seriously, I'm the odd man out this holiday. All of my gal pals are single and they share a certain commaraderie that I can't relate to. I'm not complaining though. My girls never get resentful toward me even when I don't join in on their "men suck" rants...

Love is love and I'm glad to have so many people in my life that make me happy. That's what I tell my pals to focus on and that's what this day should be about.

That said, I still want all the benefits of being in a relationship and my hubby knows this so yes, I have roses on my desk as I write this and yes, I'll be going to a nice restaurant tonight (it's called Noe) and absolutely, I plan to be rumpling the sheets later. I know, I know so typical...


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