WORN OUT- Red & Green & Giggly All Over

Went Christmas shopping at the Glendale Galleria yesterday and amid the stroller-rolling chaos, pilfered product displays, endless lines and sale frenzies and fights, we were surprised to see so many holiday get-ups out there. However cheesy it sounds, seeing so many shoppers in the spirit actually kept us from feeling Scrooge-y. After all, what's jollier than snowmen, holly berries, reindeer and that fat dude with the beard? We didn't take our camera to the mall (unfortunately) but you can ogle the scratchy monstrosities seen at this past weekend's Xmas Sweater party at the Echo in this yulestide slideshow.

WORN OUT- Red & Green & Giggly All Over

You can snap up the tree-rific lil ensemble above on Ebay, but if you're looking to be festive not freaky you cant go wrong with one or all of these holiday-chic staples:
1. Velvet anything
2. Sparkly makeup
3. Red and green mixin' and matchin.'

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Or take your Christmas cues from these worn out looks below:

WORN OUT- Red & Green & Giggly All Over

All Wrapped up at Shits & Giggles

WORN OUT- Red & Green & Giggly All Over
Elfin magic at Shits & Giggles

Hairy and merry.

Festive family style (yeah that's us and our li'l sugar plum!)

Read more about Shits & Giggles, plus the BPM/Vapors bash and the Filter/Antics party in this week's Nightranger and see more wild S&G looks in our slideshow.



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