Parker Day, DiseaseEXPAND
Parker Day, Disease
Courtesy Superchief Gallery L.A.

Whose Am I? Parker Day's Possession Opens at Superchief

Possession. It's ownership, stewardship, control. It's nine-tenths of the law. When it's demonic, it means you're not in charge of your own soul. But what if you're the demon? What if you're actually possessed by an angel? When you're self-possessed, it comes across as confidence.

Parker Day, HideEXPAND
Parker Day, Hide
Courtesy Superchief Gallery L.A.
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All of this forms the psychological and emotionally expressive fodder for Parker Day's new series of bright and bold studio photographs, "Possession." Known for her total vision, which she pursues with seismic art direction, set construction, costume design and styling, Day's gift for creating an endless pageant of unique character portraits finds new direction in this series, exploring permutations of possession as it relates to individual experiences in the skin they were born with, and the skins they subsequently fabricate for themselves.

Parker Day, JuicyEXPAND
Parker Day, Juicy
Courtesy Superchief Gallery L.A.

Superchief Gallery L.A., 739 Kohler St., downtown; opening reception Saturday, Jan. 5, 7-11 p.m.; free. superchiefgallery.com.


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