Vampire Teeth Bike Shorts: For Sporty Goths?
Chandi Lancaster's Vampire Teeth Bike Shorts modeled by Mandisa Wright

Vampire Teeth Bike Shorts: For Sporty Goths?

See these amazing vampire teeth bike shorts? They bring up so many questions. (Who wears them? Vampires? Goths? Do Goths need bike shorts? Do they ride bikes? Do they only bike at night?) Their maker, 35-year old Chandi Lancaster of Brooklyn, New York, graciously answered a few. A lover of Halloween and teeth, she designed the print and screened the fabric.

Style Council: Are bike shorts back in style now? Or maybe they never went out of style?

Chandi: I know people that never stopped wearing them but they are all over the runways this year.

SC: What would you wear these shorts with? Twilight tee shirt?

Chandi: I designed them with a longer inseam so that they could be worn under a short dress or long tee shirt so that the print and cut-out details would be visible. They can definitely be worn by themselves or with a pair of sheer, patterned/textured or colored tights/leggings underneath.

SC: Are they for men or women?

Chandi: I cut them for women but guys could try wearing them at the hip.

Vampire Teeth Bike Shorts: For Sporty Goths?

SC: Do you think Goths would wear the Vampire Teeth bike shorts? I don't normally think of Goths wearing bike shorts, but maybe they do.

Chandi: Maybe a Goth in gym class or Sweeney Todd at the beach.

SC: How many have you sold so far?

Chandi: I keep my production runs small and local (made in NYC). I only made 13 pairs total (different prints and color combinations) and I've sold 10 pairs so far.

The Vampire Teeth Bike Shorts are available on Etsy.


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