Top 10 Strategies Used by Stars to Win Celebrity Poker (VIDEO)

It was all for a good cause: a celebrity poker match held at Microsoft's sleek compound in Playa Vista by the Peace Fund, a Sherman Oaks charity founded by Highlander: The Series actor Adrian Paul. As the daylong tournament got rolling, the stars couldn't help but divulge their strategies for winning — an unlikely prospect, since the TV and film folks were surrounded by Microsoft brainiacs and world-ranked poker players such as Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle.

So just imagine how stunned or elated the players were when a truly dark horse victor emerged: a Los Angeles Unified School District teacher who instructs kids in filmmaking at Helen Bernstein High School and Roosevelt High School:     

Actor Carl Weathers says his strategy depends on who he's up against.
Actor Carl Weathers says his strategy depends on who he's up against.
Mira Layne

LAUSD teacher Tom McCluskey, who earned his MFA in Cinema-TV from USC in 2003, must have learned a hell of a good poker face in film school. He celebrated his Oct. 11 poker victory on his Facebook page by telling his friends:

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I won! Great day of poker for a great cause - TWO great causes in fact. Adrian Paul's Peace Fund and Wells Bring Hope. Great hosting by Microsoft and Adrian Paul, lots of fun people and a lot of action. Now can someone tell my wife I won a spot at the World Series of Poker next year?"

And no, he's not kidding around. The filmmaking teacher will indeed get a slot in World Series of Poker in 2015.

Having earlier in the day explained her strategy for winning as "just not to bust out too soon — that's it," Kelly Hu, an actor on Phineas and Ferb, graciously explained how she lost:

"You know, I had terrible strategy, I don't know what I was doing half the time. But I had a great time, and it was all for a good cause." 



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