Tim & Eric's Awesome Show live @ the Echoplex 5.5.08

They're so sweet and innocent. Photos by Rena Kosnett.

Writing about the experience of seeing Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job! live on tour would be akin to dancing about architecture—some weird, fucked up architecture. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

One certainty is that the live show is a thousand times better than seeing Tim & Eric on TV, or watching videos on Youtube, because in addition to watching and hearing them, you can smell and taste Tim & Eric as well. Some highlights: an instructional video about properly poisoning your child clown slave, Papa John’s email upgrades, a prayer for Robin Williams, enlarged testicle bodysuits, a video with John C. Reilly eating paninis prepared with horse grease and then saying "Ooh, it smells like horse."

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Tim & Eric did indeed kiss. They did indeed throw pizza and hot dogs into the audience, so if you’re planning on going to the encore performance tonight, go hungry (and early, as the Echoplex was entirely sold out). They did indeed vomit. They did indeed physically abuse their stage crew and curse at the audience. There was a naked guy (some of you may recognize his genitals from his one night performance as the naked guy at LA Weekly’s Third Annual Biennial). Awesome show, guys! Great Job. Here are some photos.

For more photos - some even more disturbing than these - click here.


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