Pura Vida Happy Trails
Pura Vida Happy Trails
Heather Hoffman

These Marijuana Products Are Hand-Crafted For The Health Conscious Stoner

Perhaps it’s the omnipresent smog in our sky. Or the murky ocean that laps against our westward edge. Angelenos are obsessed with keeping, at least our inner environment, unpolluted. We eat clean. We detox with cold pressed juice and hot yoga. We even want our cannabis to be organic. As marijuana continues to edge toward legality and legitimacy, a growing number of local cannabis businesses have begun to create products marketed toward ubiquitous individuals who once seemed like anomalous oxymorons: health conscious stoners.

Here are a few Los Angeles’s top (and cleanest) cannabis products.

Nativ rosinEXPAND
Nativ rosin
Danny Prussman

Nativ Rosin

Concentrates are a popular option for cannabis users looking for a quick punch of THC, or those who have a higher tolerance. Users who prefer not to smoke also often enjoy concentrations because they can be consumed via vapor verses smoking. Consumers who are chemical-averse, however, are often turned off by the traditional process of extracting THC from cannabis: using solvents like butane and ethanol. Venice Beach-based Nativ Rosin is a concentrate that appeals to the Abbot Kinney farmer’s market crowd. It is sourced from flower grown using sustainable, pesticide-free methods. The rosin is then created through a process by which the plant is pressed at high speeds. In addition to being “solvent-free,” Nativ Rosins come in a sleek, discreet silver compact, and look nice enough to gift to a 420-friendly boss or colleague.

Pura Vida First Love Granola
Pura Vida First Love Granola
Heather Hoffman

Pura Vida Superfoods

Pure Vida makes edibles for the active stoner who knows their way around a jar of coconut oil. The LA-based company manufactures products like protein bars and granolas, which are made entirely of ingredients that have been infused with THC. Runyon junkies looking to kick their hike up a notch will dig ingredients like coconut oil, dates, and almonds. While Pura Vida seems like a natural fit for outdoorsy cannabis athletes, the company also markets itself toward those seeking holistic health care. Its cinnamon-rich “First Love Granola,” for example, is purported to have anti-inflammatory qualities.

Loosey Lu smoking blendsEXPAND
Loosey Lu smoking blends
Kris Holbrook

Loosey Lu’s Herbal Smoking Blends

Smoking a nice strain of bud feels akin to lighting a candle or sipping on a cup of tea, and Loosey Lu’s Smoking Blends have captured the aromatherapeutic aspect of cannabis. These blends offer a wonderful alternative to smokers who want to mix something into their cannabis, but don’t care for tobacco. They come in flavors like “Relaxing Rose,” which, in addition to cannabis, features ingredients like raspberry (a sedative and muscle relaxant). The blends also double as loose tea for the smoking averse. The tins it comes in are dainty enough to be given out as bridesmaids gifts, and discrete enough to be opened at the brunch table.

SoL selects oilEXPAND
SoL selects oil
Clay Folden

SoL Selects Oils

When it comes to oil concentrates, the leader in the clean fuel game is SoL Selects Oils. These solvent-free oil concentrates are also pesticide free, and can be vaped, cooked with, or sprinkled over whichever locally sourced green you’d like. SoL oils are also notable for their reliable outcomes, as they closely mimic the effects of the flower they’re sourced from. The oil itself is somewhat transparent and “pure” in appearance, and Type-A cannabis users will appreciate the upbeat, clean high delivered by their sativa-dominant Banana Split.


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