Oh boy oh boy!


1 Million (or as Dr. Evil would say, ONNE MILLLION) garments are supposed to be available for the pickin' this Sunday at the American Apparel Factory flea market downtown. Tanks, shorts, and leggings for holiday gifts? Maybe. Not sure if these are seconds or what, but for a buck to 10, who cares? Our pal Cobrasnake is also having a garage sale on the premises (a tee with his mug on it, now that's a gift!) and AA's new vintage shop will be hawking stuff as well. Too bad we hate '80's gear. There'll be bands, tacos, mariachis and more.

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Anyhooo, cick here for all the info. See ya there.

Oh, and if you're determined to stay outta the mall this holiday season (we actually love the chaos) check back here for more hot tips on upcoming craft fairs, flea freakouts and sample sales.


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