Still Waters

Still Waters

I got 5 minutes. That's it. 5. To ask John Waters whatever I could. But you may have to wait for the LA Weekly "list issue" to read what he had to say, he gave me all kinds of advice, about man-o-pause, how to get over a heartache, and what grosses out the Prince of Puke himself. Stay tuned...

I went to his Christmas Show tonight hosted by UCLA Live! and can tell you the man is nuts for Christmas. He was saddened that it has become un PC to say "Christmas." According to him, it's become the new C word, it may even be the new N word, but he suggested maybe like gangsters say "my nigga" we can refer to it as "Christma"...

Oh and Waters advises the best present to give is a book. "And if the person next to you doesn't read," he cautions, "don't fuck 'em."

and do yourself a favor buy his Christmas CD, if you're sick of those damn carols like I am (now I know why some people jump off bridges this time of year) you will find his the perfect tonic. You'll be humming "Santa Claus is Black Man" while you wrap gifts...ho, ho, ho...

merry christma everyone...


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