Stage Raw: Uma-Care

Stage Raw: Uma-Care

Stage Raw: Uma-Care

In January, 2007, while visiting her boyfriend, John Ballinger in New York, Los Angeles-based actress Uma Nithipalan, at the age of 27, suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and fell into a week-long coma -- during which she suffered a stroke. Doctors gave her a 20% chance of surviving.

But survived she has -- the subsequent four years have been an endurance test of therapy and rehabilitation, attempting to regain speech and motor co-ordination -- during which Ballinger married her, and Nithipalan has volunteered her own services to help victims of aphasia. Health insurance? Excuse me while I clear my throat. Recovery has been at the so-far $30k-plus mercy of friends and strangers. This is why Bootleg Theater, in conjunction with L.A.'s music and theater communities, are holding a benefit for the latest round of therapy. This is happening Sunday, May 1, beginning at 7pm and lasting until the bands go home. All proceeds go to pay for Nithipalan's neurological rehabilitation. Scheduled to perform include Jessica Basta, Bruno Coon, Laura Martin , Missincinati , Leslie Stevens, Christine Tavares, Kristen Toedtman and Leo Trio  Bootleg Theater is at 2220 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90057. Tickets are $15. Donations and Benefit reservations can be made on-line at The Uma Fund Website . Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 7:30 in the Bar. For more information, call 213-389-3856 or email here.

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