She Ra Woman Hater

I'm relatively new to the whole blogging thing, and today I learned a lesson —never delete a post because you got a bad comment. I had posted "My Mid-Length Crisis"—ruminations about the futility of new years resolutions involving my recent bad hair cut, in which I compared myself to Marky Ramone, said I paid money, a lot of money, to look uglier, and offered someone 150 bucks to break my nose. Bottom line was: resolutions suck. When you break them you feel bad, and sometimes keeping them (cutting 6 inches off my hair) makes you feel worse. Anyway,  I got this comment from reader She-Ra: "If the only thing you have to worry about this year is your hair, you should have your ass kicked. And making reference to the Ramones doesn't make up for your whining or make you any cooler." For the record, my hair isn't the only thing I have to worry about (it just happened to be directly related to a New Years resolution), the thing I really worry about is that I eat whatever I want and can't gain weight, it's just awful...


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