Retainer Necklace vs. Gum Necklace

Kinda sick, yet kinda cool. That could be said for a lot of creepy fashion these days. Especially for this 14K gold-plated Retainer Necklace by 24-year-old wunderkind designer Kiel Mead. He cast the piece from his brother's retainer. Hangs from a 30" chain. Buy it for $300 at Fred Flare...or not.

Retainer Necklace vs. Gum Necklace

Mead also makes these fantastic Gum Necklaces. Between the gum and the retainers, I like the gum better. But, hey, you could wear them together. Mead clearly has a knack for turning mundane objects into art.

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Retainer Necklace vs. Gum Necklace


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