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Pro Tips for Artists With an Entrepreneurial Spirit at the Not Real Art Conference

Everyone in the art world knows that the old systems of patronage and gallery representation aren’t exactly the foundation of an artist’s career these days. Between the fall of the elite, whitebox sales model and the rise of street art and the internet, artists have been forced to take on the duties of representing themselves in a whole world of situations, from contracts and permits to press attention and property rights.

For the L.A.-based Crewest Studio (established 2002), the new normal has been a source of inspiration for years, with projects ranging from curated gallery-style shows to the big-ticket commission and branding projects being just some of the unique, modern-day opportunities it hashelped artists pursue.

Crewest has been out ahead of this particular curve for years already, so it makes sense that it would eventually have its own podcast. The Not Real Art podcast is a topical series of conversations between Scott “Sourdough” Power, artist and co-founder of Crewest Studio, and his longtime collaborator, artist Man One. They discuss their “love/hate” relationship with the way the art world works today.

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Pro Tips for Artists With an Entrepreneurial Spirit at the Not Real Art ConferenceEXPAND
Courtesy Not Real Art

And like so many amazing podcasts before, they soon turned theirs into live events — a series of IRL gatherings at which beers were consumed, professional experiences and insights broken down, and bridges between people and their fresh ideas built up. From those salons evolved the impetus for this weekend’s all-day creative symposium — the Not Real Art Conference.

Described as a “learning event for artists, designers and creatives,” this one-day gathering gives structure and an all-star lineup of special guests from across the city’s intersecting arts economies — from murals to movies, design to production — to offer their views and answer your most urgent questions about how to survive and thrive as an independent artist in these interesting times.

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Conference speakers
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Hot topics include licensing, pitching and protecting intellectual property; the pros, cons and best practices for selling art on social media; and how street art fits into all of this. Speakers and panelists include Lesley Silverman, UTA Fine Arts; Channing Dungey, VP at Netflix; Hueman, artist; Julie B, artist and founder of Pretty in Plastic; Jorge Gutierrez, artist-animator; Ilya Kushnirsky, intellectual property attorney; Frances Anderton, host of KCRW's DnA: Design & Architecture; Man One; Mark Brickey, Adventures in Design; and Logan Hicks, artist.

Pro Tips for Artists With an Entrepreneurial Spirit at the Not Real Art ConferenceEXPAND
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In the spirit of community support that Crewest and Not Real Art have always stood for, the conference will be awarding 12 artist grants of $1,000 each. The award will support the creation of original work for a fall exhibition at Art Share L.A., a creative hub of gallery, studio and performance space plus affordable residencies in the heart of the downtown Art District.

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Jorge Gutierrez
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Not Real Art conference
Highland Park Ebell Club, 131 S. Avenue 57, Highland Park; Sat., March 16, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; $100-$150. Tickets here.

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