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Hope everyone's having a great holiday weekend. I wasn't able to make my fellow style council-or's T-day gathering, but family obligations for an LA gal like myself mean I usually miss all the cool orphan Holiday parties I'm invited to.Anyway, I'm proud to say I've practically ignored my computer (which I'm usually chained to) for two whole days! But I'm back, and like Style Councilor Caroline (see  post below), I've been letting out my inner shutterbug lately. Check it out.


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Frantic dancing punk chick (obviously working an Adam Ant look) at my pal Jean's suprise party for her bud named Atom (pronounced Adam... coincidence, I think not) at Swingshouse Studios.

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Ginger Goldmine finds the treasure and shares it with the whole dang Swinghouse party during an awesome midnight burlesque performance!


Minx jewelry designer Carole Shepherd celebrated her company's two year anniversary last Thursday with a bash at the Montemarte (aka the Day After) featuring Obey Giant's Shepard Fairey on the decks, fashion from the super-cool Rock-n-Role clothing line, and a silent auction with proceeds going to charities including the Art of Elysium.

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Here's Carole with Pink Cookies models, who were serving and selling her designs on a platter like they were little snacks (wish they were, we were hungry). Yes, the girls are wearing their P.C. air-brushed bootie shorts out in public, and yes the boys there liked it very much.

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Rock-n-role designer Ali Maclean and pal (both in her designs). Rock-n-role is having a huge sample sale for the holidays, check her website for more info.

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Up for auction: Vans shoes designed by the dudes from Dogtown. Knarly... or is that gnarly?

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Up for auction: Art by Efren Ramirez (aka Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite) plus a character doll, button and hat. Vote for Pedro!

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Up for auction: This groovy art by... I cant remember. But it's fun trying to name the characters. Can you guess 'em all?

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Swag alert:

This bash was not only for a good cause, it had good freebies too, with giveaway bags boasting Minx jewelry, Smashbox lip gloss, a t-shirt from a new website called 80s Purple (check this one out, they've got really cool shit, great for xmas gifts) and super-cute Asian-art buttons from Tokidoki.


They don't call it Harry POT-ter for nothing... at least that what's my friends told me about the latest installment of the whimsical wizard tale. Indeed, the colorful flick is best viewed in an enchanted, aka enhanced state, though a bunch of stoned grown-ups probably isn't the fanbase author JK Rowling had in mind when she first penned the popular book series.

Before checking out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the Vista, I opted for a couple of margaritas at nearby El Chavo restaurant instead, which more than heightened my viewing experience.

Is it just me or does the new Potter movie conjure a distinctly rock n' roll vibe? Forget about the appearence of Pulp's Jarvis Cocker and Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood as the house band in the school dance (which by the way, has got 'em some legal heat). It's Harry himself that's like a rockstar. The spectacled kid looks more and more like John Lennon, okay more like his son Sean, and the Weasely brothers? C'mon they're straight outta the band Jet, what with their tattered clothes and long-ish hippie hair. And don't even get me started on Professor Snape, who resembles every aging goth dude who haunts LA after dark.

All in all, inebriated or no, this was a fun film though. Wasn't too happy about the line outside (duh, seeing a flick on the day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday, is like the most popular thing to do after shopping... turned out to be a lot safer too) but at least it gave me the chance to finally have a chat with this guy.

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You've seen him, and (I hope) you've honked for him too! I mean, he's been standing at the same corner of Hillhurst for over 3 years, "every Friday between 5 and 7, since Labor Day 2002" he tells me, with this sign, jumping up and down and encouraging drivers to honk in the name of peace and love.

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His name is Stephen K. Sharp and according to his business card, he does astrology, tarot and runs a publication called Heresy magazine. 

With the holidays upon us, we need to recognize people like Mr. Sharp, people who embody the kind-hearted spirit we should all aspire to. Next Friday evening take a little spin by the Vista and give this guy a big ol' honk, and maybe even a hug. He deserves it, doncha think?

Posted by Lina Lecaro


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