The site of Mr. Brainwash's upcoming show
The site of Mr. Brainwash's upcoming show
Shannon Cottrell

Mr. Brainwash Invites You to Participate in his Latest Exhibit/Party, 'Art Show 2011'

As if traffic along the La Brea corridor isn't already bad enough, L.A.'s beloved street artist Mr. Brainwash -- who first got attention through our cover story and later through the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop -- is staging another spectacular and he needs your help. The man partially responsible for the death of street art as we know it (is that a bad thing?) wants to put you, yes you, in his next show.

"Art Show 2011" is officially scheduled to open in the next few weeks. But before that, Brainwash invites you to the currently very empty but beautiful 80,000 square foot space at 1269 N. La Brea (near the West Hollywood Target) where, for 3 days, starting Sunday, Oct. 9, you can hang your work in 20,000 of it. Its an open invite to the community at large, so if you ever wanted to get your art on, now's the time. No negativity or nudity is allowed. The invite has gone global, so expect some out-of-towners to make an appearance as well as a few members of the Seventh Letter crew adding their touch (they get the stairwells).

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The open invitation echoes the recent "Chain Letter" exhibit at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, in which curators emailed an invitation to artists to show their work, and those artists then passed the same invite along to fellow artists, and so on, until eventually 1,600 artists showed up, artwork in hand.

None of the donated work will be for sale, and you won't get it back, as it will be destroyed with the building once Thierry vacates. But of course, he's filming it, so who's to say Banksy's not thinking about a Gift Shop sequel?

80,000 square feet. Can he fill it? "I don't accept impossible," says Guetta on a recent visit. "I see art everywhere!"

More details can be found at artshow2011.com

Mr. Brainwash
Mr. Brainwash
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