You see their faces in the glossies at check stands, plastered on the sides of buses, staring down from billboards. Hollywood showers attention on its young stars and starlets ad nauseam. But rarely outside of an academic setting do our city’s up-and-coming filmmakers have the spotlight to themselves. The LACMA Muse program showcases emerging talent in L.A.’s film community at its eighth annual "Young Directors Night," a film exhibition–meets–awards competition designed to educate and celebrate standout accomplishments behind the camera for those who have years to go before their work measures up to Scorsese’s. After the screenings and director Q&As, attendees can indulge in the open bar at the A+D Museum as LACMA presents “Midnight Movie Experience,” a retrospective on the career of Silver Lake guerrilla filmmaker Burke Roberts (pictured) in stylized, poetically twisted short-form cinema. The retrospective includes the 15-time festival-decorated Some of an Equation, Downtown Film Festival winner for best cinematography, Insult to Injury, and Roberts’ more recent Sky Drops — a film shot on a challenge from Slamdance with just 99 bucks.
Sat., March 6, 8 p.m., 2010


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