Mike Judge at Comic-Con VIDEO

Mike Judge has worn a lot of hats, going from a physics major at the University of San Diego, to being an office temp, to finally achieving red carpet status (and major life points) as Hollywood's latest go-to for dark socio-economic satire.

In July LAWeekly.com caught up with the popular Office Space, Idiocracy and Beavis and Butthead director in the corridors of the San Diego Convention Center, as he promoted his latest film Extract and asked him about absolutely nothing work-related.

L.A. Weekly: Your most awful Halloween costume, like, most failure?

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Mike Judge: Colonel Sanders. It didn't do a thing for me.

Did people get who you were?

Oh, yeah they did. I really looked like Colonel Sanders.

Worst Valentine's Day?

Last year.


Long story. Next question maybe.

Best Christmas present?

Glow in the dark crayons when I was seven years old.


Read more about Mike Judge and Extract in Nicole Campo's "Extract Preview: Punching the Time Clock with Mike Judge at the Aero."

Extract opens September 4.


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