Lily Allen Supports Homeless Doggies

I am still waiting on confirmation that the dark haired muffin with pin-up girl bangs in a demure dress was Lily Allen. I swung by Ashley Paige's shop on Sunday to check out the pooches she has up for adoption, and swear I it was non other than the brit reggae songstress chatting up the dude from Earth Wind and Fire, or maybe I had too may bloody marys at brunch, or maybe it was the damned little yorkie mix who stole my heart that had me so distracted. Either way, Paige's pet adoption does attract some big named helpers. One time I swung by to find one of my favorite TV stars, Trixie from DEADWOOD (god, I loved that show). If you're looking for a creature to love, or maybe just a bikini, swing by Ashley Paige's 1616 Cahuenga shop on Sundays...


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