Life Lessons: Rat Dissection Sweater Knit Alternative

Well, hello. This is odd. I wish this had been around when I was in school. In my Biology lower division lab class, my lab partner Andrea and I had to dissect a rat. The teaching assistant brought in rose-scented incense to neutralize the smell of formaldehyde. But it didn't exactly work. We just ended up with rose-scented rat. Both Andrea and I had the flu, and we were nauseous as hell. Before you start dissecting, you have to tie the rat down--sort of like putting it in bondage--and to break the psychological tension, I made the rat dance like a marionette. Anyway, long story short, Andrea accidentally sliced open the rat's cecum (i.e., the part of its intestine where the poop is, which the teaching assistant warns you most definitely 
Life Lessons: Rat Dissection Sweater Knit Alternative

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