L.A. Weekly Comix Issue: The Future Is Now

L.A. Weekly Comix Issue: The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now: Our December 27 Comix Issue

Are you a cartoonist? Help us say good riddance to 2012 by drawing up your take on the future. The best strips will appear in the L.A. Weekly's annual Comix Issue on Dec. 27, earning a cash prize in the process.

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Submissions should be created as true sequential art -- a full story unto themselves. Be creative! Although we have size restrictions, there are no restrictions on the number of panels or way they must be arranged. We hope you'll have fun with it.

Submit your entry with your true full name, the name you wish to be credited in print, and your website, if applicable, to pitches@laweekly.com. Use "Comix Issue" in the subject line so we don't miss your entry.

Entries must be received by Nov. 30 to be considered.


* Black-and-white. You may propose full color, but should demonstrate competency in black-and-white before it's greenlighted.

* If using grays, separate values by 15 percent, e.g., 15, 30, 45, 60 percent

* Grayscale images: 240 dpi.

* Bitmapped B&W images: 600 dpi.

* 1/2 or 1/4 page size. We'll pay $100 for any 1/2 page entries chosen for publication and $50 for any 1/4-page entries. See below for additional specifications.

Comics must conform to these sizes:

Size -------------------------------> Width & Height

1/2 v -------------------------------------> 4.77" x 10.75"

1/2 h -------------------------------------> 9.72" x 5.29"

1/4 strip ---------------------------------> 2.3" x 10.75"

1/4 box -----------------------------------> 4.77" x 5.29"

1/4 h -------------------------------------> 9.72" x 2.56"

Happy drawing!


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