One of Revok's 3-D collages
One of Revok's 3-D collages
K.C. Ortiz

Jason Williams (aka Revok)'s 'Perseverance' at Known Gallery: Street Artist Sends Regards from Detroit

This week in our arts section, Shelley Leopold interviews the street artist Jason Williams, a.k.a. Revok, who served 44 days in jail earlier this year for unpaid property restitution and then left town to work from Detroit, to get away from cops and various legal issues. His work is back in L.A. for a new show "Perseverance" at Known Gallery (though he is not).

One story in Revok's eventful year: though he was part of MOCA's "Art in the Streets" exhibit, he wasn't able to fully revel in the show until he left jail:

Fortunately, MOCA is just a few walkable blocks from the detention center and when Williams was released, he walked right over. "It was pretty embarrassing. 'Yeah, I'm one of the artists that's in the show. I just got out of jail. I don't have my wallet or my cellphone. Can I use your phone to have somebody come and pick me up?' " he laughs.


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