In Which John Densmore Appreciates the Work of Michael MeadeEXPAND
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In Which John Densmore Appreciates the Work of Michael Meade

Michael Meade’s literary career has taken a poetic path toward emotional healing and truth on a personal, community and global scale. His readership is expansive, and among his fans we must surely count John Densmore, who wrote to the Weekly to let us know about Meade’s new book, Awakening the Soul, and a pair of Los Angeles events happening this week.

“I first met Michael Meade at a Robert Bly men’s conference in the early ’80s. It was way before men’s work became the butt of sitcom jokes. As Robert said, 'If what we’re doing (copying women in sharing feelings) ever becomes a movement … we’re in trouble.' Fortunately, before men trying to connect other than in competition got mocked, Bly wrote the best-seller Iron John, and his sidekick Michael Meade evolved into a scholar on mythology.

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“Meade has since written many books and is a master storyteller. The accolades for his writing are stellar. From Robert Bly, to Jack Kornfield, to the former poet laureate of L.A., Luis Rodriguez, Meade inspires. Alice Walker puts it succinctly, 'In reading Michael Meade’s work, as in listening to his wisdom in any form, I am amazed at the high quality of love he imparts to a love starved, deeply fractured, humanity.'

“This Thursday, April 4, Meade will be offering an evening of stories and mythology, relating to today’s modern problems, and reaching all the way back thousands of years, and then connecting back to the present. I’ll be there and so should you.

“P.S. He’s also offering an intensive all-day workshop on Saturday, April 6.”


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