Hollywood Stock Exchange Becomes Actual Stock Exchange

Gather round, kids, as Mommy tells you a story about Ye Olde Internet. Back in the heady Web 1.0/"e-commerce" days, people cared about a website called Hollywood Stock Exchange, which offered a kind of fantasy betting league based on the

perceived/projected commodity value of movie stars and film projects. As blogs and community web shit emerged in the 00s, HSX.com faded, but it didn't totally die. Now, according to the Hollywood

Reporter, the site has "filed

with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission for approval as

an active trading site in November 2008 and recently entered the final

phase of regulatory review."

This means that, as of April 20, visitors to HSX.com will actually be able to wager real funds on the real-world economic performance of movies. The new HSX will be closed to "distribution execs with access to early boxoffice

data," but any given film's financiers will be allowed to play an "amount equal to a minority percentage of their total investment in

a movie." We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, consider this one for the "Wait a minute -- didn't experimental

financial instruments bring on the Almost-as-Great Depression?"



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