Hey, Nice Inauguration Gown

So fluffy, light and white. I saw it out of the corner of my eye on the television and thought "oh god, she's wearing a toilet paper dress" but then the gown came into focus as the lovely, sweet, asymmetrical cloud puff that it is. It's super different from previous Inaugural Ball gowns. It's fun and young and accessible. Michelle doesn't look like a scary iron fist in a velvet glove. She looks down-to-earth, and real, an effect that is almost certainly by design. 

Did you know much about the gown's 26-year-old creator, Jason Wu, going into this thing? Check out his looks for Spring 09. It's really great stuff. 

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Hey, Nice Inauguration Gown

This white one with the deep v-neck down to the sternum would have been too sexy for an Inaugural Ball.

Hey, Nice Inauguration Gown

This is Wu, the young man who dressed the wife of the most bad-ass president ever inaugurated. 

Hey, Nice Inauguration Gown


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