This child is full of woe: Wednesday Mourning
This child is full of woe: Wednesday Mourning

Goth Girl of the Week

The mysterious "Don" (who prefers that his last name remain anonymous) runs the website Goth Girl of the Week. Each year, they select the gloomiest, gothiest goth girl. This, as you can imagine, is a fraught affair.

What criteria do you guys use in choosing the winning goth girl? Is it whoever is MOST goth? As in, whoever wears the most black? Has the blackest hair? Has the scariest outfits?

Goth Girl of the Year is chosen from the full selection of girls that have been Goth Girl of the Week through the year. The five of us that make up the behind the scenes committee, or GGotW crew, as we call ourselves, pick our favorites and we ask the "Featured" girls from the year to pick theirs. In past years we have had the public vote too, but because of spats and cheating last year we opted not to do that this year. Hopefuly we can have the public participation back next year.

Are you Goth?


Do you think Goth girls are more attractive than non-Goth girls?

Its a different kind of beauty, its an alternative beauty. I can still look at a non-goth and say, "wow, she's gorgeous," I don't discriminate. People are beautiful, goth is just a beautiful style.

In the realm of popular culture, do you have a favorite Goth female? Wednesday Addams? Morticia? Elvira? Winona Ryder's character from Beetlejuice?

Wow, that's a hard one to nail down. I have to say I lean a little towards Abby Sciuto (NCIS) as she is cute, super-geek smart, and has incredible fashion sense, have you seen some of those boots she wears? Otherwise I would go with Star from Lost Boys, she was coy and had a cool Gypsy look.

Goth Girl of the Week

Your website says there are no contestants yet from Africa. Is that because it's really hot in Africa, and they're not into wearing lots of black clothes and white makeup?

Have you seen what the Tuaregs of the Sahara wear? I think that Goth transcends a continental stereotype. We did have a GGotW (Goth Girl of the Week) from Costa Rica and one from Indonesia this year, those are both hot climates. Wearing white is goth? I don't wear white. I think that Goth is an attitude, a state of mind, not the clothes that you wear, and not even necessarily the music you listen to. They do help define the style, but you can be Goth and dress in a grey business suit or wear a red track suit. Its what's inside that counts.

Would you say that the contest is a beauty contest, like Miss America?

There is no talent or swimsuit competition, and we don't have a host. In Miss America the girls don't vote for each other.

What does the winning girl get? Does she get a crown or a trophy?

Bragging rights. No really that's it, great exposure for whatever it is that they want to do with their 15 minutes.

Miss Katonic, Goth Girl of the Year, 2006
Miss Katonic, Goth Girl of the Year, 2006


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