Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris
Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris

Emmys 2013: Live Report From Backstage

This post is our live report from backstage at the Emmys press room, where the winners answer questions after they walk off stage. Please also follow our Tweets at @laweeklyarts.

8:47 PM Bryan Cranston: "I wore a Walter White mask and walked the floor of Comic-Con"

8:44 PM James Cromwell on his role in American Horror Story: "I think I got the role because I was doing a play, Waiting for Godot, at the Mark Taper [Forum]...I was loud & blustery & fascist"

8:42 PM Claire Danes: "I was a sloppy kid. There was no going viral back in the day...I was an idiot in the privacy of my own dorm room."

8:34 PM Michael Douglas calls Behind the Candelabra "probably the greatest screenplay I've ever been involved with." More than Wall Street? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

Douglas on Candelabra script, continued: "One day I'm dealing with mortality issues with my cancer, the next day this jewel is handed to me"

8:09 PM Stephen Colbert: "I worked for [The Daily Show] when it won best show a bunch. Now I work for this show when it won best show...Winning best show is fun."

7:30 PM Jeff Daniels on how news of chemical weapons in Syria coincided with same topic on The Newsroom: "Aaron [Sorkin] does such a great of writing things that are still in the news. I think he'd be the first to say we got lucky...It only put more of a spotlight on the show, I think."

7:24 PM Jeff Daniels gets questioned by someone from the AARP about his acceptance speech. His response: "Let me say I flew out special for that award...you did give me a little golden barcalounger...I use it to hold my meds."

7:14 PM Bobby Cannavale: "[Jon] Hamm's having a...loser's party. If you go to the loser's party you have to give like 1000 dollars so I'll do that"

6:39 PM Sarah Bromell on her late husband Henry Bromell, who won for writing on Homeland: "His father was a CIA station chief — he's now 93...Henry's parents moved from Greece to Cairo, Jordan, Tehran...Writing became a constant in his life, kind of out of loneliness...and intrigue w/ the CIA"

On her husband's episode: "It contains a 20-page interrogation scene where Carrie turns Brody...It was really difficult to know how to do that. It was...a huge puzzle piece in the whole season."

6:21 PM Tracey Wigfield, Tina Fey's co-Emmy winner for writing for 30 Rock: "I got my dress at the mall in Topanga"

6:04 PM Julia Louis-Dreyfus tries to make everyone feel better: "I've lost many more times than I've won. I've lost ten times"

5:57 PM Tony Hale: "My wife has an Emmy for makeup so I'm just catching up to her"

5:47 PM True story: The director of the #Emmys last week won an Emmy for directing

5:45 PM Merritt Wever on what it feels like to win: "I don't know yet. I'm scared, honestly...because it was unexpected...I have therapy next week."

5:42 PM Merritt Wever: "I wanted to thank a lot of people. Uchh...I wanted to thank Edie Falco very badly. It's hard to do those."

5:31 PM Pundit talking points on Tony Hale winning: 1. M Family vote split 2. Arrested Development exposure 3. He's actually better than the others

5:20 PM Supporting Actress in a Comedy winner Merritt Wever just walked off the stage without giving a speech. Have the Emmys started for real or this just a dress rehearsal?

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