Daily Show Ancestors, and Dosa Truck

I know it sometimes must seem like I'm obsessed with Cinefamily and their amazing film programming at the Silent Movie Theater; that is only because I am. Tonight, they're launching a new series called What's Up, Docs?, through which cool documentaries will screen every Thursday in March, and (fingers crossed)b perhaps beyond.

The series kicks off with a reunion of TVTV, a collective of early video adopters on 1970s San Francisco, who helped pioneer fake reporting, thereby indirectly giving birth to everything from The Daily Show to Borat. Members of the collective will come together for a panel discussion, and a screening of Lord Of The Universe, described as "an expose on sixteen-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji and the national gathering of his followers at the Houston Astrodome." And the Dosa Truck will be there before the show--because nothing goes better with fake news than fusion fast food, right?


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