Can George Lopez Politically Correct Speedy Gonzales?

TV star George Lopez and his wife/producing partner Anna Lopez are collaborating with the guys who wrote the Garfield movies on a "live-action/CG hybrid" Speedy Gonzales feature. George will voice the Spanglish-speaking Speedy. and 

The first Speedy short, in 1955, won an Oscar, but Cartoon Network pulled the classic Gonzales cartoons from their schedules in 1999, deeming their depictions of Mexicans as offensively stereotypical (see the clip above, in which a bunch of lazy, hungry Mexican mice assign Speedy to steal them some cheese). In 2006, Volkswagon controversially brought Speedy back as a spokescartoon for a sporty coupe

The film's writers will update the Mexican mouse's story for present day sensitivities, taking special care to smooth out the coarse stereotypes woven through the original cartoons. As Anne Lopez told the Hollywood Reporter, their Speedy is "not the Speedy of the 1950s -- the racist Speedy." What remains of a racist cartoon when all traces of racism are removed? Box office gold, no doubt.



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