L-R: Neil Grayston, Derek Mio, Shyloh Oostwald, Julian Curtis, Ashley JohnsonEXPAND
L-R: Neil Grayston, Derek Mio, Shyloh Oostwald, Julian Curtis, Ashley Johnson
Katrina Marcinowski & Jason Boulanger

Bryan Singer and Felicia Day's New Horror-Comedy Series

When YouTube started funding premium channels in 2012, among the chosen was quirky, nerd-centric Geek & Sundry, from Felicia Day (The Guild, Supernatural).

The channel launched with typical unscripted YouTube fare but was one of the first to branch out into long-form content, such as half-hour gaming show TableTop, then scripted shows such as Space Janitors. Despite Google ending YouTube funding last November, Geek & Sundry has managed a seamless move to more high-profile digital projects.

Its latest show, Spooked, available on YouTube and Hulu, was a partnership with director Bryan Singer’s (X-Men, Superman Returns) company, Bad Hat Harry. The half-hour horror/comedy series follows a team of paranormal investigators who travel the country in a beat-up RV, taking jobs tackling ghosts, aliens and other unexplained happenings.

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Neither company even considered bringing the TV-formated show to traditional networks before approaching Hulu.

“Bryan is often associated with more genre-like content … so combining forces in the digital space with Geek & Sundry, who is known for comedy, was a perfect match,” says Sheri Bryant, the show’s executive producer and the co-founder of Geek & Sundry.

While traditional networks often balk at genre-bending material, the combination of comedy, horror and melodrama is exactly what makes Spooked so intriguing. 

The Tangled Web We Watch is our column on what’s worth watching online. You can watch Spooked on YouTube.com/geekandsundry or on Hulu. Read Stephanie Carrie’s full interview with Sheri Bryant and cast members Julian Curtis and Shyloh Oostwald on her blog, tangledwebwewatch.com.


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