Brows, blowouts and Oscar bloggin'

I love movies. I love fashion. And of course, I love free shit, but after attending the annual pre-Oscar "GM Ten" fashion show and soiree on Tuesday (read more about the event -whose participants included Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, Ana Kournicova and the ladies from The L Word- in Nightranger this week) then a full day of " pampering suites" and the Flaunt House party all before Friday, I was Oscar-ed out before the weekend even began. I was invited to a couple of the less hard-to-get-into Oscar-related events  on Friday, but I passed. Celebs and schwag couldn't hold a candle to my warm couch and Thai delivery.

But then, the day before I was sipping Mimosas and nibbling yummy edibles at the wonderful  "Jaguar Getaway" at Anastasia's up in Beverly Hills along with Molly Sims, Steve "Cojo" Cojucaro, Debra Messing and Kimberly Stewart. Anastasia is the queen of eyebrows (J-Lo and Madonna fly the chick all around the world just to tame their arches) and I had actually scored an appointment! But alas, deadlines always come first and by the time I turned in everything I needed to that day, I was late and someone else got my slot. I did get a fine mani/pedi though, which is still gleaming and perfect... even got a freebie Lippmann nail polish in "Sarah Smile," a shade created "with Sarah Jessica Parker." Hall & Oates should get credit too, doncha think?  Check out Ana's gorgeous hilltop digs (below). It really did feel like a retreat from the chaos of Oscar week.

Brows, blowouts and Oscar bloggin'

Next I headed over to Point de Vue salon for a blow-out, trim and a massage! America's Next Top Model winner Nicole was getting a fancy updo in the chair next to me. I've done the pre-awards show suite/retreat deal before and the thing that gets me is, they're supposed to be about helping those invited get ready for the big event, but you NEVER see anyone whose actually nominated at them. It's always reality TV shows stars and sitcomers. Of course the biggies have people come to them…

Anyway, the Flaunt party that night was pretty anti-climatic… See Steffie's post below. Speaking of Steffie, she's not the only one who did some clowning around on Saturday! Yup, I had a perfectly fab eve of dance floor destruction (totally non-Oscar related)  at a new Weho club called Deluxe, which had a Studio 54 theme, tons of glammed out gay boys, club kids and yes, clowns. Check 'em (along with my still-imperfect brows and straight tresses... which are now clean and curly again) below!

Brows, blowouts and Oscar bloggin'

Still a little hung over from the rock n' roll circus, but I am now ready to get my Academy Awards blog action on. It's about 4 p.m. and I just tuned into Isaac Mizrahi doing E!'s Red Carpet coverage. He's not groping anybody… yet.  Kiera Knightly looks regal. She'll definitely be on the best dressed lists tomorrow I think. Switching over to TV Guide channel, Joan and Melissa are chatting with the March of the Penguin people who, just so you know who they are, are carrying stuffed penguins.

Should be an interesting night in front of the TV… Back in a few...


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