Best of L.A. Culture: Finding Fierce Fashion
Courtesy It's A Wrap

Best of L.A. Culture: Finding Fierce Fashion

From vintage wear with a glamorous past to clothing and accessories that reflect one's culture and spirit, to T-shirts that say it all so you don't have to, L.A. has some great stores to help you put together the ultimate style statement. Here are some of our favorites.

Best TV Fan Fashion

With a bountiful selection of wardrobe items and props from your favorite TV shows, It's a Wrap is a treasure trove with a sensational range of cast-off costumes — everything from street clothes to high fashion to period exotica. Janet Dion established the store in 1981 as a resource for studios to liquidate stuff in big volumes, so new stock is always coming in. That means It's a Wrap frequently has deeply discounted sales — 75 percent off, and it's literally as good as new. Many shows buy multiples for backup continuity, so you'll find lots of items with tags still on. Everything from footwear to jewelry, all manner of accessories, swimsuits and a kiddie korner make a visit to this resale shop an experience as fun as anything seen on TV. A new Westside location soon will join the Burbank original. 3315 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank; itsawraphollywood.com. —Jonny Whiteside

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Best Store to Get Loca

"Latinx," "Latina," or simply "Latin" — however Mexican-Americans and Hispanics in general choose to identify themselves, one thing is for sure, we are a proud people. We've had to be. In reaction to marginalization and racism of the past (sadly the present, too, thanks to Trump), Latin pride has become not only a badge of honor but a hot trend, especially in L.A. You'll find the best raza style and firme fashion at Mi Vida. From "chingona" bags (it's a term of empowerment), to T-shirts emblazoned with the Virgen de Guadalupe, Selena and Aztec art, to the must-have big gold hoop earrings, name-plate necklaces and other chola accessories, Mi Vida will give you life if you grew up exposed to barrio culture, no matter what ethnicity you might be. But Chicana chicas and chulas in particular will want everything from this vibrant hub of handmade items, crafts and clothing — to adorn yourself, your car (air fresheners, stickers) and your casa (candles, lots of art with attitude). 5159 York Blvd., Highland Park; (323) 257-0103, shopmivida.com. —Lina Lecaro

Best One-Stop Shop for Novelty Statement T-Shirts and Odd Gifts

The small Vermont store has been a staple of the Los Feliz shopping district since the early ’80s, and now almost 30 years later, Y-Que Trading Post is still the to-go shop for the knick-knacks and whatnots needed for any hipster household. From T-shirts that proudly boast local L.A. neighborhoods (the Silver Lake one has the 'hood's famed happy foot/sad foot sign) to novelty gifts from a bygone era, Y-Que has been keeping Angelenos weird for three decades. Since its inception, the store has gone through many transitions — from punk/cholo clothing store to botanica-esque candle haven to dead-stock retro gift-o-rama to art gallery with a T-shirt shop and record section. But over the years, the spirit of the store has remained the same. "It's like walking into another time, part of the old boutique thing combined with currently relevant and political items whose shelf life is not determined by a sales metric," says owner William Wyatt. "Y-Que seems to capture the nonchalant nature of being a small store lost in a big city." 1770 N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz; (323) 664-0021, yque.com. —Erin Maxwell

Best of L.A. Culture: Finding Fierce Fashion
Courtesy Doc Martens

Best Silver Lake Neo-Punk

The gentrification of Silver Lake is shameful to those who grew up there, but amid the $7 juices and $200 jeans, there are some newbies we just can't hate. Good coffee, pricy or no, is always appreciated, for example. And if any more "chain" stores must come into the 'hood, let them please have the cool cred (and great product) that the Doc Martens Store does. Opened last year, the S'Lake Docs shop has a fine selection of the U.K. company's classic combat boots, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, in signature and new colors and some snazzy new materials and styles (the "platform sole" is all the rage with the teen set). The company, founded in 1960 in the U.K. (selling boots designed by German doctor Klaus Märtens in 1945), is obviously pretty picky about where it opens a store. The Silver Lake shop tries to represent both the brand's and the locale's arty, DIY and/or punk roots with decor (check out Adam Villacin's mural) and customization nights by local artists. 3432 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake; (213) 456-9478, drmartens.com/us. —Lina Lecaro


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