A Very Special Episode Evening

With the recent disappearance of Andrew Koenig--AKA Boner from Growing Pains--'80s TV has surely been on all of our minds lately. What a golden era it was, when actual teenagers could learn life lessons just by watching TV teenagers make seemingly minor mistakes, only to suffer catastrophic consequences. If you go to a bar, your boyfriend will die. If wear a slutty outfit to a costume party, you will get almost raped. If you take caffeine pills, diet pills, steroids or anything else in the hopes of attaining a competitive edge, your friends and family will try to make you stop/take you down a notch because they are totally jealous.

Tonight, you can learn all those lessons, all over again, at Cinefamily's TV Tuesday: A Very Special Episode... . I should also note that, as of this writing, police believe Koenig is probably fine and is "just lying low in Vancouver," but if it turns out he is not fine, wrangling his name into this blog post will prove to be my Very Special mistake, and I will suffer the Very Special consequences.


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