This $400 cannabis bouquet is available to be delivered anywhere in Los Angeles.EXPAND
This $400 cannabis bouquet is available to be delivered anywhere in Los Angeles.
Courtesy Lowell Farms

A Valentine’s Day Marijuana Gift Guide to Get Your Loved One Lit

L.A. has outdone itself this year with its selection of creative, marijuana-minded gifts to give your favorite stoner for Valentine's Day. Whether you're buying for the one you're trying to woo or for yourself (because hey, we all need a little self-love this year), you can shop with a clear conscience, as many of these items are produced locally in L.A. or in the great state of California.

Cannabis bouquet

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Billed as the “gift that keeps on giving well after the candlelit dinner has ended,” Lowell Farms’ cannabis floral bouquet is for serious ride-or-dies only. At $400 a bundle, the carefully wrapped bouquets include one ounce of Purple Princess smokable flower and “aromatic” stems, which let your loved ones know immediately that they just scored a serious amount of marijuana.

The bouquets can be delivered anywhere in Los Angeles to any recipient who has the required doctor’s note; however, the grandiose gesture of an office delivery may be a bad idea in this instance. Lowell Farms’ is making only 500 of these fragrant bouquets, so you can tell your Valentine that not only are they a limited run but they’re organically grown without use of synthetic pesticides. Flowers die, weed is forever (or, at least, lasts a little bit longer than flowers).

Visit Lowell Farms' website for ordering info.

These soy-based candles are made with cannabis essential oil.EXPAND
These soy-based candles are made with cannabis essential oil.
Courtesy Kushed Candles

Kushed cannabis candles and oils

Using cannabis essential oil as the base of its aromatherapy oils and candles, Kushed sells a line of luxury goods perfect for any refined lover of reefer. Cannabis oil is “alluring and sensual,” according to Kushed, and is also one of the most exclusive oils in the world. It’s one of the base ingredients for Kushed candles, which come in four sizes (including one in a gold travel tin) and range in price from about $16 to $48.

While scents include CreamCaramel (moroccan coffee and caramel), LemonDrop (lemon and basil), PanamaRed (red currant and blood orange) and more, they all have one magic ingredient in common: cannabis. For the Valentine looking to get straight to the point, there’s a candle called QueenGreen that simply smells like “fresh-cut cannabis.” Any mind-melting effects from burning these candles will come from their aromatherapy properties, as they don't actually contain any THC or CBD. The candles are made of a soy wax blend. They are recycled and recyclable and have a cotton wick.

Kushed candles can be found on the company’s website, Etsy store and select local shops.

The totem pole pendant necklace doubles as a pipe you can pack and smoke.
The totem pole pendant necklace doubles as a pipe you can pack and smoke.
Courtesy Han Cholo

High-style accessories

Some prefer to wear their love for weed on their sleeve, so weed-themed apparel or accessories could be a perfect fit. Han Cholo, an  Atwater Village–based jewelry line for men and women, makes “badass jewelry for badass people.”  It also makes some pieces that are perfect for your favorite pot smoker, including a sterling silver “Hollyweed” necklace and a stainless steel totem pole pendant that doubles as an actual, smokable pipe.   

Out of Echo Park, Penelope Gazin operates an Etsy store where she sells art, accessories and more, including a dainty lapel pin in the shape of a pink bong. This pin's made even more perfect for Valentine's Day by the bouquet of long-stem red roses sticking out of it. If this doesn’t reek of romance, Gazin sells the same design in patch form. There's also a Sea-Weed patch, a large pink seashell with a marijuana leaf on it, available on Gazin's e-commerce site Witchsy. The patch is $8 and the bong pin is $12, so you can afford to buy your Valentine both!

If your special stoner likes things a little more sparkly, there’s an array of marijuana leaf jewelry available on Etsy, from a 14k yellow gold leaf necklace to dainty, sterling silver leaf ear studs. There’s even weed nail decals featuring nugs of all different types of bud.

These Liquid Gold chocolate bites take the traditional Valentine's box of chocolate up a notch.
These Liquid Gold chocolate bites take the traditional Valentine's box of chocolate up a notch.
Courtesy ShowGrow

Artisan edibles

While dispensaries across town have a selection of cannabis chocolates you can pick up for Valentine’s Day, ShowGrow, located just outside downtown, is going all out with a themed party on Feb. 11 called Get Lifted. Highlighting a collection of sweets and treats for the occasion, ShowGrow is raising the bar on the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates. At the event and throughout much of the year, the dispensary will be selling Boomshaka red velvet and vanilla bean cupcakes, Kaneh Co. red velvet cookies and Liquid Gold Hearts, bite-sized chocolates with flavors including milk and almond, dark and espresso bean. ShowGrow also will have available, for all card-carrying medical users, the Liquid Gold Pink Lemonade Vape Pen, said to bring on a creative and euphoric high.


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