A New Video Docu-Series Talks Art From the Bottom Up

Released today on Amazon Prime, "From Bottom to Top” is a new series of micro-documentaries pairing artists in engaging, informal and far-ranging conversations — across both discipline and circumstance. The project represents a unique partnership between filmmakers Bel Deliá and Annalea Fiachi and the Skid Row–based arts program Studio 526 and the People Concern.

Alyson Reed and Hugo GonzalezEXPAND
Alyson Reed and Hugo Gonzalez
Courtesy From Bottom to Top

The premise is simple yet profound — that whether you are struggling or on the way to stardom, as an artist, your challenges are universal to all creative humans. The conversations ingeniously demonstrate the way that a dedication to art can cut across all walks of life, and that at a fundamental level, art reminds us all of our common humanity.

Artists from Studio 526 engaged with actors, dancers, writers, painters, musicians, comics, directors and more for honest conversations on the ups and downs of a life in the arts from their continuum of perspectives and inspirations.

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Amy Anderson and Christina C.EXPAND
Amy Anderson and Christina C.
Courtesy From Bottom to Top

Participants include: actress-director Emma Bell (Scratch, The Walking Dead, Dallas) with musician Franc Foster of Franc’s Melting Pot; indie folk singer-songwriter Sunny War with DJ “Sir Oliver”; painter/artist Linda Leigh with actress Jaime Slater (Daredevil); actress Alyson Reed (High School Musical) with artist Hugo Gonzalez; comedian-actress Amy Anderson with actress-singer Christina C. (Urban Voices Choir, L.A. Poverty Department Theatre Co.); artist-filmmaker Vicki Maturo with genre director Mike Mendez (Don’t Kill It, Masters of Horror); dancer-choreographer Essence Florie with painter and 3-D artist Garrison A.; artist Antonio Holguin with veteran singer-producer-performer dubbed the Ambassador of Soul, Ellis Hall Jr.

From Bottom to Top



Franc Foster and Emma BellEXPAND
Franc Foster and Emma Bell
Courtesy From Bottom to Top


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