Fiona Connor's Community Notice Board (Pizza) at 1301PE
Fiona Connor's Community Notice Board (Pizza) at 1301PE
Courtesy of the artist and 1301PE

5 Art Shows You Should See in L.A. This Week

One artist meticulously replicates bulletin boards, while another measures brainwaves and a third explores the overlap between a deity and street signs. 

5. Share your brainwaves
Artist John Craig Freeman has been experimenting with brainwaves, and anyone can drop in this weekend to participate in his “open clinic” in LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab, as long as they’re older than 18. In the past, Freeman has asked people to think of “things they have lost” — they’ve come up with sanity, keys and ex-wives. He’s since created a database of virtual renderings of such things. This weekend, volunteers will be asked to sit in a chair, where Freeman will hook them up to brainwave sensors, and their state of mind will determine which lost objects appear on a screen nearby. It’ll be a high-tech experiment in free association. 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Mid-Wilshire; Saturday, Feb. 14, noon. 323 857-6000, lacma.org.

4. Distressing art
While wearing knee pads and shoulder pads and looking like an aging punk, artist Rocio Boliver pierced her labia onstage during a 2009 performance in Colombia. On Valentine's Day at Human Resources, she's performing part of Between Menopause and Old Age, an ongoing series. In a previous instance in Brooklyn, she appeared nude with printed images of breasts attached to her own chest and printouts of legs attached to her own legs. She also pierced her face. "I prefer to cause disgust, hatred, rejection, confusion," says the home page of her website. 410 Cottage Home St., Chinatown; Saturday, Feb. 14, 8 p.m.; $10. (213) 290-4752, humanresourcesla.com

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3. Where's Michel?
Because she asked him to, artist Michel Auder kept sending Deanna Thompson photographs of himself, and she kept making paintings based on them. So in their two-person show at Kayne Griffin Corcoran, which also includes video by Auder in which he browses the Internet, Auder appears in some of Thompson’s paintings. This makes looking something of a “Where’s Waldo” experience. In one endearing painting, he’s in a garden with a blanket on his head and shirt unbuttoned, holding a plate of chicken. 1201 S. La Brea, Mid-City; through March 14. (310) 586-6886, kaynegriffincorcoran.com.

2. The goddess on the street sign
Mira Dancy, who’s based in Brooklyn, initially thought about calling her Night Gallery exhibition “Isis.” It would be in reference to the Egyptian goddess, not the Islamic State, but she worried it could conjure the wrong associations. She titled the show “Is She Is She Psychic” instead (“Is She Is She” can be abbreviated “ISIS”), and the work in it is a lot about associations. A glass plate with two short stories about the goddess Isis written on it in black lettering hangs from the ceiling, and video projected outside shows Dancy’s painted images interposed over images of New York streets. But most of the show consists of paintings of women who are a cross between stylized deities and the kind of silhouettes you’d see on beauty parlor signs. You can’t tell if they’re powerful or pawns. 2276 E. 16th St., dwntwn.; through Feb. 21. (323) 589-1135, nightgallery.ca

1. I buy houses
For “Community Notice Board,” her exhibition at 1301 PE, artist Fiona Connor replicated actual notice boards from across the city in exquisite detail. There’s the nearly empty one from Frogtown, the one with the multiple yellow "I buy houses!" cards and one from a synagogue in which a flier for “Arthritis Exercises” hangs under smudged glass. The best might be a bulletin board from Garage Pizza, which has hand-drawn comics and funny fliers for concerts and reinvention yoga hanging off its edges, even though there’s plenty of empty space near the middle. The show is like the real-space equivalent to reading your spam — you feel close to and a little awed by the world’s weirdness. 6150 Wilshire Blvd., Mid-Wilshire; through March 7. (323) 938 5822, 1301pe.com

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