Charlie bit my finger
Charlie bit my finger

30 Other Ways to Succeed on YouTube

After you've read our YouTube issue on the secrets to online video stardom, check out 30 other ways to succeed on YouTube:

1. Be a kid.

2. Be a kid, come home from the dentist stoned on drugs.

3. Be a kid, kick your dad in the balls.

4. Be a kid, get finger bitten by baby brother.

5. Be a kid, love cupcakes.

6. Be a kid, love ripping paper in half.

7. Be a baby panda, sneeze.

8. Be a middle-aged woman, sing very, very well in a talent show.

9. Be a cat.

10. Be a sleepy cat.

11. Be an angry cat.

12. Be a surprised cat.

13. Be a talking cat.

14. Be a wet cat.

15. Be a fat cat.

16. Be a fat Japanese cat, jump into boxes.

17. Be a cat, play the keyboard.

18. Be a cat made out of a Pop-Tart and rainbows, sing "nyan nyan"

until the end of time.

19. Be a chipmunk, be dramatic.

20. Be an otter, hold hands with another otter.

21. Be a dog, talk.

22. Be a baby, talk.

23. Be a cute girl.

24. Be a cute girl, sing about Fridays.

25. Be a cute Japanese girl, spray yourself with soda.

26. Be a cute fake-Japanese girl, stare unblinking into camera.

27. Be a bro.

28. Be a bro, ask to not be tased.

29. Be a bro, make a video about Uganda.

30. Be Justin Bieber.

Check out our entire YouTube issue here.

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