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10 Things You Didn't Know About Lucha VaVoom

Lucha VaVoom is the only female-owned and -run wrestling promotion in the world.

—Peaches featured Lucha VaVoom characters in her video "Close Up" with Kim Gordon.

—Ring girl and performer Bonita La Belle is studying to get her Ph.D. in education.

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—Co-producer Liz Fairbairn is the former manager of costumed heavy metal overlords Gwar.

—Harry Dean Stanton celebrated his 80th birthday at Lucha VaVoom.

Lucha VaVoom often hits the road, including numerous U.S. cities, plus Big Day Out in Australia and the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

Lucha VaVoom has hosted two weddings during the show.

—Wrestler Blue Demon Jr. once remarked that Lucha VaVoom is the closest thing to what it must have felt like for his legendary father to wrestle in the golden age of wrestling.

Lucha VaVoom has delighted notable grumpasaurus Morrissey.

—Dave Stewart featured Lucha VaVoom characters in his video "Every Single Night."


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