Step one was finding the right space. And, boy, did we: on Saturday, Nov. 5, L.A. Weekly's annual art party, Atropin, will be held at the OUE Skyspace at the top of US Bank Tower in the Financial District. You know, the place with the Skyslide.

And then we enlisted the help of internet radio network and DJ collective dublab to curate the sights and sounds. From performance artists to DJs to filmmakers and dance troupes, we've amassed an impressive lineup of artists to fill your senses, cocktail in hand. “From the top of the city at Skyspace, dublab will showcase what the organization feels is representative of the Los Angeles creative community and beyond,” the collective said in its curator statement. 

The full list of artists, with bios, is below.

Artopia takes place on Saturday, Nov. 5, 8-11 p.m. (VIP hour 7-8 p.m.); OUE Skyspace, 633 W. Fifth St., downtown; $35 GA and $55 VIP. VIP includes a ride on the Skyslide, one hour early entry and gift bag. Get tickets here

DJ Domo
A Strange creature that hatched from an egg.
His body is stout but his heart is pure. Loves TV.
Often causes troubles by daydreaming and not paying attention to things.

Alex Pelly 
Alex Pelly is a filmmaker and video artist based in Los Angeles. Her art blends digital animation and live-action footage with analogue video feedback and VHS processing. She also works as a video editor and has directed music videos. Alex came up through the creative community surrounding internet radio station DUBLAB,where she continues to do live visuals as well as host a monthly live-streamed audio-visual show called PELLYVISION. She is also resident visualist for underground techno party Perpetual Dawn and contributes visuals for improvisational noise duo Telecaves.

Electric Sound Bath
Electric Sound Bath is a duo comprised of Ang Wilson and Brian Griffith, based in Los Angeles. They are a familiar fixture at many of L.A.’s prominent meditation gatherings, from the Sunday Sit at 365 Mission to Jessica Snow’s Sonic Meditations. Inspired by the fertile meditation community of LA, the peace that comes with observing nature, and the healing properties of sound; Electric Sound Bath explores the intersection of sound healing and drone music. The duo delights in the delicate nature of existence. Using that as their focus in a minimalist setup, pairing acoustic elements with electric bass, evoking the essence of our present passage between the Analog and the Digital Eras. Wilson plays the Nepalese Singing Bowls threaded through Griffith’s Electric Bass Dronescapes, while Modular Synth and Found Sounds are peppered throughout to ground the meditative music to the Earth and her environment.

Daniel T.
Daniel T. is a Los Angeles based DJ/producer/record collector. His debut EP Tetrachromat, was released in 2015 to much acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Resident Advisor. He hosts Crosseyed & Painless every first and third Wednesday on Dublab and runs Distant Works Records along side Cooper Saver. Daniel also throws Heat-Wave, a party centered around international funk and disco, every Thursday night in downtown LA.. alongside Panamajack. With his duo Cosmic Kids, Daniel has contributed music to labels such as Throne of Blood, Let's Play House and DFA Records.

Jamie Wolfe
Jamie Wolfe is an animator living in Los Angeles, California. Wild hand drawn lines and bold pallets collide to build the high energy, universes seen in Jamie’s work. Her animations have screened at the ANIM’EST International Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania, the Lausanne Underground Film Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Auckland Underground Film Festival in Auckland, New Zealand, and the Animation Block Party Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York, among others. She is currently an MFA candidate in the experimental animation program at Calarts.

Jeepneys with Kendra Dorman
Jeepneys (Anna Luisa Petrisko) is an artist working in music, video, dance and performance. Named after the iconic converted WWII army jeeps of the Philippines, her work investigates postcolonial identity and aims to encompass a multitude of experience of time, space, and self. With sci-fi opera, multimedia installation, and a fleet of bodysuits, Jeepneys creates new mythological landscapes with distinct visual and sonic language. Her trademark hand-painted bodysuits are futuristic re-indigenized tattooed skin, referencing a tribal history of Pacific Ocean peoples. She is a member of Black Salt Collective, whose members are Black, brown, and indigenous women creating work that is about contemporary non-linear identity in which experience results in atmosphere. Her work has been shown at the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time Presents, REDCAT, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Machine Project, and Human Resources Gallery. She has been artist-in-residence at the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), Echo Park Film Center, and Yaddo.

The Institute for Art and Olfaction
Based in LA’s Chinatown, The Institute for Art and Olfaction is a non-profit art organization devoted to advancing public, artistic and experimental engagement with scent. We do this by initiating and supporting arts projects that utilize the medium of scent, by providing accessible and affordable education in our experimental laboratory as well as in partnership with institutions and community groups, and by celebrating excellence in independent, artisan and experimental perfumery through our yearly award mechanism, The Art and Olfaction Awards. Through these efforts, we extend the world of scent beyond its traditional boundaries of appreciation and use.

Induce has been and will remain a rarity in his field. Gliding through the genres without feeling out of place, Induce has become the go-to guy for those seeking that next sound. From co-founding the Miami based Counterflow Recordings in the early 2000’s to being one of the first DJ’s in Miami to re-introduce the Disco sound to the new generation of party kids more than a decade ago, Induce has been continually instrumental in ushering in the new. Much of which is found through his personally owned and operated label, The Wonderful Sound. Whether it’s the viral success of his prototypical Joke Rap project Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution pre-dating similar acts like Die Antwoord and Das Racist, or the Antennae project, regarded by many listeners as a left-field masterpiece, or his criminally underheard, yet critically lauded Future Soul full length, Halfway Between Me And You, he relentlessly continues to release more music. His latest, the Sunset Summer EP, co-released with Wax Poetics, blends all of these styles together and illustrates perfectly why he has been called “…the Beck of the underground.” Even as a DJ, Induce illustrates his versatility consistently. Whether it be playing classic House records at LA’s legendary Do-Over party, compiling the saddest of sad songs for his yearly Loved & Lost series, masterfully mixing Italo Disco hits and obscurities with Danny Daze for their Midnight Moroders mix, or even taking a turn as Kid Sister’s tour DJ/hypeman for a time, Induce skillfully crafts his mixes with the same passion as he puts into his own music. Whatever his next move may be, Induce assures listeners that it will always be worth staying around for just one more song.

Imagine a series of global showcases and festivals serving developers as well as the general public – collectively forming an international marketplace and a traveling celebration of this community’s new voices and their trailblazing work. Imagine thousands of independent creators, developers, thinkers, players, and fans from across the world, sharing this sense of community and the work at its heart with the rest of the world. That’s IndieCade.


Philip Rugo
@philiprugo is a media artist, animator, art director, and designer living in Los Angeles.

Kiel Johnson
Through layered narratives and story telling, my work speaks to my travels and adventures through everyday life. I think of myself as an explorer, setting out each day on an unchartered path of mediation manifested in drawing and sculpture. My work is a springboard for metaphorical investigations of the world I inhabit. Using line to explore places, objects, and spaces that exist in my imagination, I catalog my observations and seal them in time. The idea of work as play is central to my practice: handmade, hard work, and having fun. I believe in a laboratory approach of experimentation to problems without finite solutions. Inspired by odd discoveries, coincidence and chance, I seek to personify inanimate subjects. Drawing acts as a seismograph, witnessing my experiences and recording the vibrations; sculpture advocates my quest for understanding how things are held together.

My intention is to bring a sense of curiosity and exploration to the viewer, asking them to consider their approach in navigation.

An unstoppable force keeps me in the constant act of making without end to the journey. I am captivated by the transformation of material into a visual language. Approaching life with a heightened level of inquisitiveness and a playful mind, I continue to source new forms of communication.

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