Last time we caught up with artist Jen Stark, she'd recently completed Technicolor Ooze, her large-scale mural on the parking deck of the Platform complex in Culver City. To date, it's the biggest mural she's completed — 60 feet by 80 feet — and it already feels like a part of the city's landscape, a psychedelic echo of the 94-foot rainbow on the Sony Pictures lot.

Seated inside her studio, Stark says, “I've always been very fascinated with color and how a lot of the times color in nature is either an attractant or a repellant.” The rainbow drip motif originated on a T-shirt, with a big smear of color oozing down its front. To Stark it refers to “psychedelia,” “altered states” and “different dimensions.”

Stark surveys the objects that inspire her: her hanging plant, pop-up books and a small collection of kaleidoscopes. Whatever she works on next, one thing's for sure: It will be colorful.

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