Artist Diogo Snow Takes Over Art Basel Miami: Dropping AR NFT’s While Painting A Lamborghini Suspended In The Air

Diogo Snow LA Weekly

A true reflection of an artist who doesn’t live by boundaries.

Miami’s Art Basel is back this year and Diogo Snow took over, releasing his AR NFT’s on the New World Inc global marketplace while painting a Lamborghini Super Trofeo suspended in the air. The dynamic artist conducted a live art showcase in pair with a live performance by Canadian artist Karl Wolfs. The exhibit was hosted by Grit By Design; an artist driven exhibition and experience that rests on a set of values embodied by every artist or creator, values such as perseverance, integrity, risk, truth, and focus. There is no question that Diogo Snow and his team think outside the box, take all risks presented, and continue to push the boundaries of art.

The finished Lamborghini, designed and painted by Diogo and vinyl wrapped by Wraptors, will be available as a 3D modelled NFT on the New World Inc. global marketplace for 25,000 USD. Outside of this unique live activation, Diogo will be fully immersed at Art Basel selling both physical pieces of art along with numerous NFTs including: 2x Diogo Snow Lambo (15,000 USD), 3x Mickey Madness Lambo (8,000 USD), 3x Art Driven Lambo (8,000 USD), 3x A Whole New World Lambo (5,000 USD), 3x Diogo snow Whale (4,000 USD), All Diogo Snow Dancing Bear (500 USD ea), 5x Flying Ball (400 USD), and 5x Spray Can (400 USD).

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More on Diogo Snow

Early 2020, D-Snow joined Bieber Industries, becoming the art creator. He designs logos and graphic art for the company. Bieber Industries is a lifestyle brand community committed to making a difference. With a focus on encouraging personal growth by highlighting talent around the world regardless of social status, gender, race or beliefs.

Most recently, D-Snow collaborated with the Canadian coat company Woodpecker. Woodpecker Coats is a high fashion vegan brand all inclusive must have coat that has caught the eye of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities. His work with the company included creating 100 custom spray-painted one-of-a-kind coats and a matching Woodpeckercoats Porsche. A limited edition Woodpecker Coat x D-Snow coat line will be featured fall of 2021.

D-Snow has made many custom art pieces for celebrities like Drake, SAINt JHN, Fetty Wap, Sean Paul, Bad Bunny, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Jeremy Bieber, Neymar Jr, Tyrone Rex Edwards, Auro Jr, Bruno Caboclo, Megan Thee Stallion, Zion, James Johnson and brands such as Universal Music Group.

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