This week, rapper, singer and owner of the coolest pants, 24kGoldn, joins our host L.A. Weekly publisher Brian Calle and podcast co-host Sara Tariq for a conversation on what it’s like to be a Trojan, finding love and how a hit song is made. 

BITCH I GO TO USC, a veritable love letter to Trojan pride, was infamously remixed by 24kGoldn and Yasin after originally created by a member of the USC basketball team. Despite university official’s protests, the song and resulting video has become a pop-culture phenomenon with new students and alumnus alike. How was it made, who was involved and what did the school do to try and put a stop to it? Listen to find out more about this tongue-in-cheek song and how it has achieved the level of intra-campus infamy it enjoys today. 

Photo courtesy of 24kGoldn

Fashion doesn’t pay for lunch: Tariq discusses why she became the face of a viral video and other surprising places you may have seen her. 

Celebrating the work-hard, play-hard nature of student life, Calle and 24kGoldn swap stories and share nostalgia about life as a student at the University of Southern California (USC).

How does a USC student become a touring rapper? 24kGoldn gives us insight into his story and background, from where he came from to how he got where he is today. What’s his real name? Hint: it’s not SEO-optimized. 

You may know him best from his song Valentino – our guest gives us the scoop on how his work became a hit and what it takes to get a song to blow up. 

How do you deal with social media? 24kGoldn describes some serious mishaps he’s dealt with, including one very aggressive “nice guy.” Our hosts discuss if there are some pitfalls of success that we just have to deal with. 

What’s your favorite L.A. restaurant? According to our trio, if CATCH isn’t among your top choices, you’re wrong. The group discusses the city’s dating scene, and if there is such thing as “the one.” 

Check out our latest episode for breaking artist news and to find out how this USC business major followed his dreams to become a successful touring artist. 

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