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Armand Peri is the definition of someone who has lived out the American Dream. At the age of 12, Peri came to the United States knowing barely anything about the country and culture. The serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and developer has been featured in more than 300 articles including the front of 14 magazine covers. He’s regarded as the #1 bodybuilding influencer in the world today according to the Ninja Outreach Influencer platform. The ranking is partly based off Peri’s impressive 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

When Armand Peri first stepped foot into the United States, he knew very little English. Despite fighting against all odds, Peri committed himself to being the best at everything he touched. He enrolled in the New Jersey Institute of Technology on his quest for greatness, using his American education as a base to submerge himself into the world of tech and PR.

Armand built his PR firm New Age from the ground up, offering boutique public relation services to public figures, celebrities, medical professionals, film producers, and many of the other movers and shakers that are decorated in their respective fields. His work has been celebrated by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, FHM Magazine, and GQ as a testament to his excellence in media management and production.

Armand Peri took his career a step further as an author with the release of his best-selling book ‘Unparalleled Success’. The book details Peri’s experiences as an immigrant and outlines his incredible success story as an entrepreneur. He’s currently working as an artist, nightlife entrepreneur, and developer, creating new brand concepts with his partners and private investors.

Fast forward many years later and the same 12-year-old boy who came to the US has stood the test of time, clawing his way through adversity to lifelong success. Peri’s personal brand is tantamount with luxury, elegance, and pure manliness, as he acts as a mentor for many other young men looking to break into the PR, modeling, and real estate industries hoping to achieve the same greatness Peri has.

Even after a life time of wealth and unparalleled success Peri plans to continue to build his Hunk-O-Mania media empire throughout major U.S. cities. However, Peri’s focus has been mostly on doing what he loves: raising his children with his wife, Francielle Peri.

To follow this exciting entrepreneur, visit his website: armandperi.com

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