Ariel Gorelik Shares His Journey to Success in the Business World

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Ariel Gorelik is a serial entrepreneur with many years of entrepreneurial experience. He shares a profound passion for innovation, which led him to focus on his lifetime ambition of establishing a company focused on delivering products where the matrix of technology, innovation and sustainability meet. Ariel wanted to set up a firm that would help serve an unmet need for smokers who wanted products that could help them decrease their reliance on combustible cigarettes.

Ariel’s success in developing a well-received product led to early market domination and the creation of one of the most popular brands in the vaping industry, MYLÉ.  Ariel subsequently founded another company named KYLÉ, the latter of which has become recognized as a hardware technology company supplying the CBD and THC industries and offering yet another feasible alternative to vapers.

Working not only in  a highly competitive but highly regulated industry and conducting a thorough market analysis before actually venturing into the vaping industry proved to be critical to Ariel’s success. This included doing his homework, developing relationships with suppliers, and gathering the best, most loyal, and hardworking team of employees and professionals he could find. Ariel adds that they had to set to work to accomplish their goal of providing an exceptional product at a good price to as many smokers as possible. All of this hard work helped prepare Ariel for his entry into the industry, and that is what enabled Ariel to  conquer the competition.

Ariel believes that you can become the person you always wanted to be and you can also act in a way to ensure the change you desire to see effectuated in the world. You just need to identify what you desire and align your goals framework to guide you to success. More significantly, Ariel advises that you need to get comfortable with uncertainty as that is part of the natural  journey on the path to success.

“I wish that someone had initially advised me that a huge part of accomplishing one’s goals depended upon being comfortable with uncertainty as well as being comfortable with the necessity of suspending your disbelief that you might attain a goal at a certain time. Belief in yourself is a critical component of success,” Ariel explains.

Challenges might prove tough to get over, but it’s no reason to give up. Essentially, Ariel believes that these lessons prepare you for what lies ahead. He shares first-hand experience in how true this is after losing his mother at a young age. What once looked like difficulties at a young age actually turned out to have paved the way for Ariel, particularly for dealing with his present challenges. This is one of the reasons he remains vocal on the importance of trusting the process and maintaining focus.

Moving forward, Ariel would like to see his company scale and impact billions of lives across the world. He wants to impact people in different spheres of life, from smokers to his employees. He is driven by John F. Kennedy’s words, “One man can make a difference, and everyone should try.” Ariel’s dreams and aspirations are to continue his efforts to grow and reach every corner of the globe. It’s also his wish to grow and get his products to assist global humanitarian needs by reaching out to those in need.

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